Regulating and influencing energy flows

Acupuncture encourages the body and mind to repair themselves. For this very thin needles are placed in certain places in the body. With the needles, the energy flows in your body are regulated and influenced. This can cause a slight tingling or heaviness.

A treatment consists of two or three parts:


  • A comprehensive diagnosis: Because no one is the same, a lot of attention is paid to making the right diagnosis. This is done by asking questions, feeling the pulse and looking at the tongue. A treatment plan is drawn up based on the diagnosis and discussed with you.
  • Placing the needles: Based on the diagnosis and treatment plan, a number of needles will be placed in specific places in your body. In general, the needles are removed after about 30 minutes. In some cases the needles are placed one after the other in two series, for example first on the front of the body and then on the back. During the treatment you can relax in a pleasant environment, while the needles do their work.
  • It may be necessary or desirable to begin or end with a tuina massage. For example with neck or back complaints and stress complaints.

The number of treatments required depends entirely on your specific complaints. This will be discussed extensively with you and you are not committed to anything.

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