My background

I am Gertjan Koornneef and I am a certified acupuncturist. For years I have been completely captivated by the logic of Chinese medicine and what it can achieve. It fascinates me every day. I myself came into contact with acupuncture at a time when my energy level was very low. Because I was originally trained as an engineer and project manager, I really wanted to find out what determines the energy level in a person and especially how this can be influenced. I found this in Chinese medicine and I have now made it my profession.

Training and certification followed

I followed and successfully completed my studies at the Qing Bai Academy. In addition, I followed a basic training in Western medical knowledge and various additional training courses, including effective pain relief with acupuncture. I am a member of the Dutch Association for Acupuncture (NVA) and I am a member of the disputes body KAB. On the website of the NVA you can find a lot of useful information about acupuncture, what acupuncture can be used for and other information relevant to you.

The origin of the name SanYin

I imagine that you are wondering where the Chinese-looking name SanYin comes from. I chose the name SanYin for two reasons. First, sanyinjiao is a beautiful acupuncture point on the lower leg (in technical terms SP-6), where the three yin bone meridians come together. So the word san stands for three and that brings me to the other reason for the name SanYin. The word yin, which most people know from yin and yang, stands for the feminine, among other things. And without my three wives who make up my family with me, I would never have been able to get my education and start up my own practice.